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We will still be here to help you along your journey and answer any question you might have. Our RPL Specialists will begin by booking a time with you to touch base and see how you are traveling, and help you with any questions you may have.


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Our skills expert will help identify your skills and desired outcome. This will outline if you may be eligible for RPL and help determine what RPL pathway may best suit your needs.

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Your designated skills expert will detail the evidence required by our partner RTOs. Upon enrolment, instant access to our online tools enables you to upload evidence directly from your phone or computer without needing to scan, MMS, or send emails.



Assessment of Skills

We will liase with the RTO as they assess your evidence. Our integrated messaging system will allow you to communicate directly with your assessor. With live messages, and notifications, you will always be informed about what is required and your progress.

Gap Training

In cases where the RTO finds your evidence or experience insufficient, you can update your knowledge with quality Gap training at no additional cost. Some gap unit training and assessment may require a practical skills demonstration.



Gain your Qualification

Once you are assesed as competent by the RTO in the required units of your chosen qualification, your nationally recognised certificate is issued to you electronically and by post, and is registered in your name on the national USI registry.

Bruce Ashton

"I'd like to thank Realistic RPL for such a smooth RPL process. My new qualification has opened doors for my career and will now allow me to take the next step."

Bruce Ashton - Diploma of Building and Construction

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